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Does anybody know if a 16 year old can get a gym membership there?


Show Off Your Best Body Ever

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I will, I can, I shall.

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I finally went vegan!!! Everyone said “there’s no way” “I don’t think you can do it” “don’t bother” “don’t tell me it’s for the animals” “you’re going to get sick” and well you get the gist. Well SUCK IT people who say no because I’m a vegan and I’m happier and healthier than ever. 

BTW my asthma has gotten A LOT better since I made the switch so…yeah 

It was supposed to be my rest day but my body wants to run and lift so I have no choice.

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My Asthma was getting worse…

then I cut all junk food and junky food from my diet, started exercising daily, watched my servings, took my inhaler 15 minutes before doing exercise, got a fair amount of sleep 7-9 hours, started purifying my air, and what do you know I didn’t have to take any medicine anymore!!!!!!!!!! Be the Change, It’s Possible! 

P.S. The running was the best thing for me it really got me to work on controlling my breathing 


Got this from the Lifehack website


Got this from the Lifehack website

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